- Fire of Presence - Living no duality

"You are presence - That is the power you are. Presence is Light. Where you choose to go with your presence ( attention ) will empower your choices.
Humanity has stayed in the mind because they do not understand
intellegence is more powerful when we drop into the heart and the awakening from ego/mind. Mind is
just a small part of our creative power, and is dual, meaning also will be limiting and destructive.
When the heart is where we choose from, the mind will be
there as a co -pilot in the choice of our actions"/

Heart Consciousness - trusting peace


Living ONE
- Change from the old to the New - more evolved consciousness -  

- When we recognise presence inside - the light, you start to honor yourself and life more, you watch your actions and a natural process of maturity, understanding how to change a negative energy or pattern into the truth of unconditional love.

- Original Creation -

Original creation happens when you leave the mind and enter the space of presence - The mind is open, and the channel is cleared from trying to controle new creativity- It takes Not knowing - being in the space of the unknown and receive... Then spiritual connection is opening and you receive "divine" intuition - Originality is born



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