Chakra Clearing Course for Healers

New Beautiful course and material from Aschima

- Learn to Give a Chakra Healing

- For the earth of who you are to be all that you are – Let The Chakra wheels spin to your highest vibration – Walk in EASE – LOVE Aschima

10 page worddocument : The document contains sacred information and practical instructions on how to perform a Chakra healing.
- You need to be Reiki Initiated and Have the Groundlevel in reiki.

Choose between 2 Alternatives:

COURSE with Aschima - Receive Word document in your mail. Practice giving chakra healing and receive feedback from Aschima ( mail correspondance ). Aschima helps you become secure in peroming a chakra clearing.  

- You can receive a Certificate from Aschima as Chakra Course completion - Certified and Authorized to give Chakra Healing /

- The course Includes one Skype with Aschima - Either practice giving a chakra healing while Aschima is with you to give feedback - or receive a 30 min distance chakrabalancing/reiki for yourself.

Course fee 4500 sek

Choose alternative 2 :

Only receive the material to practice and give sessions yourself: Course Material Worddocument

Cost: 2900 sek

Warmly Welcome to Contact Aschima to take the Course or Buy the material:

Words from Julia
- Reiki Master Healer
"I am so happy to have met Aschima - Now I am a REIKI master healer after taking her distance courses and I am also learning to give a Chakra Healing.

Thank you for sharing the Chakra healing work course with me and that I can learn this too, so easily!"

GREETINGS/Julia 2019

Chakra Wheels