REIKI HEALING: Reiki Healing Course ( Online ) and Private Reiki Sessions

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Recieve Reiki Healing Session in Awakened Presence, in Stockholm, Östermalm and on Vattumannens Bokhandel ( see Reiki in Swedish page ) or Distance Reiki Healing and connection through Skype or Phone, All over the world
( see lower down on this page ):

"My first contact with Reiki
During a period of fatigue and the desire to build up my energy and find direction in life, I had a strong impulse to receive coaching and Reiki by Aschima.
The meeting with Aschima and her total, loving presence helped me find my intention. To contribute to others and my own well-being in depth.
During the Reiki session, I experienced a deep relaxation while I became very aware of my body and energy within in me.
I felt joy, clarity and well-being.
Aschima's Reiki ceremony was extremely beautiful with touch, wonderful song and powerful energy. All in a relaxing, harmonious environment.
After the coaching and Reiki treatment by Aschima, situations arose that clearly give me a direction and inner peace.
That I have decided to teach myself Reiki, that is part of finding my direction.
I thank Aschima from the depths of my heart.

With the warmest greetings"
Sabine 2019

"It is so wonderful to be in the soft, sensitive presence that Aschima give during the sessions. And afterwards I always feel closer to stillness, joy ... closer to myself. Thank you "/ Susanne 2015

For Reiki Course: 

"Do you also want to train to become a Reiki healer and  Reiki Master? I've been lucky enough to find Stockholm's absolute best teacher and Master in Reiki can highly recommend her - Aschima S"

Josefine Jordansson Gaude
den 21 oktober 2017


Reiki is "spiritually guided life force energy."

”Reikihealing is a healingform that creates a natural flow in the system. It is Physical connected to Spiritual - towords One – we need both to be able to heal in a holistic way. Reiki is Five dimensional: includes all and is Whole.

The Intellegence of Reiki: Reiki is used with sacred keys/symbols that each has their own unique vibration.  The symbols are like a Sacred "mantra", creating a direct contact with that which the Reiki practitioners address to. They are 5, or more, in dimensions.

Reiki works with a pure intention.  It increases lifeforce in the system and is opening you up to a wider perspective of reality - Awakening. Working through the system to create balance on all levels. Dissolving EGO/Fear.
Reiki respects every part of US.

Reiki is a very good tool together with the Journey towards Awakening, deepening of consciousness, for healing and integration.

ASCHIMA`S REIKI: Aschima works with Reiki together with deep healing Presence, that has created very beautiful healing and awakening, dissolving past ( traumas ) without "touching"* it!

*Past can be released, healed and restored without, any need of regression therapy.

NEW REIKI SYMBOL - ATTUNMENTS in REIKI HEALING: Aschima have been blessed with a new reiki symbol: Those who have received it so far have experienced a deeper beingness, relaxation, opening to new opportunities,  and a higher aura protection, sleeping deeper, experience of deepening in being, oneness, silent space- Universal consiousness- easier to meditate.
If you want to initiate the new Enlightened Power Symbol or Sacred OM, you are warmly welcome. It is soft feminine energies that will create a new energy and the initiation is a blessing for your journey: 

When taking the entire course of Star Light/ enlightened power symbol, you will also learn:  
- Chakra balancing/clearing
- Enhance your emotions 
- Learning to use the symbol for aura protection i.e.  

Receiving Reiki:
- Is calming for the nervouse system. Reduce stress.
- Increases the body's own healing ability
-  Creates balance - physically, mentally, emotionally
- Gives Life Energy- Qi
- Release blockages and open Flow
- Gives new information to your Being, for wholeness.
- Awakening
- Increase body temperatur which leads to better health
- Nourishing on all levels
and more.....

( Image to the Right is an example of Aschimas Certificate for Reiki courses ( all levels )

A Clients respons after 1 session with the intention, to heal her knee;

"Thank you!
I just wanted to say, after I received Reiki healing by you, I got so enormous energy and power, and my knee is restored.
I Could work without any pain.  Wow, I say. I want to come back!
With love

A clients respons after 2 Reiki Sessions with Aschima ( for a physical disorder, with Pain and no Mobility ):

”After your treatment of me with Reiki and Healing, my Achilles tendon became restored ( after 6 months pain )and I walk better than in 10 years. My body functions as usual, which is wonderfully comfortable."
Marianne 2013

Learn REIKI: Awake Course online;


Receive a Reiki attunement, where you get the Reiki symbols initiated via Aschima ( In person or Distantly (  Worldwide ) )
A Reiki attunement gives your system new information and energy that assists in transformation, and a new access to your healing ability.
Aschima initiates and provides knowledge about the symbols and its energies. From the groundlevel level to Masterlevel.

1 Reiki symbol: 1500kr


”Love is God – Almost like ReiKi”

See page "Recommendations":

Asherah C. Segercrantz:
Reiki Healer och Reiki Master Teacher.
Education: USA och Stockholm.
Educatad ArchAngel Healer U.S.A

Presence and awakened sensibility, can reach in the body without physical limitations. With pure energy change blockages and give healing.

Distant Reiki healing TREATMENT

30 Minutes Healing
Through Skype or Phone

First we connect on Skype:

You´ll receive 25 minutes healing in your own space.

- You´ll feel the energy starting to touch you and the flow in your system to increase. Reiki energy and healing can touch anyone – anywhere. It is relaxing to the nervous system and removes negativity and any imbalances in the system. Increase vitility. It also works on the emotions and to reduce stress. Experiences that are more fullfilling ( Spiritual experiences ) often increases with Reiki. The Reiki also helps the body to clear from medicine and drugs ( Medication (  that is not from the fruitstore)  can influense to more stress and negative pain ).

REIKI HEALING in PERSON: See Swedish Reiki Page: Now in Stockholm: Vattumannensbokhandel: Book 08/10 96 15 or write a mail to:

Spirituality and Truth is that you are already free. You are consciousness. That is at rest and in peace. Knowing that everything is sacred and whole. From that place of wholeness: healing what has been seperated from that by illusion can and will be restored.

Breathing and the Self/Spirit in the body: When we breathe there is a natural relaxation into that space you where given at birth, but society brings need and negative responsibilities and believes that you are not meant to BE. When a relaxed state enters and the breathing becomes normal, disease cannot stay because our space is filled by breathe and presence. Spirit and Breath is a lost connection today.