Recieve Reiki Healing Session, in Stockholm, Östermalm  ( see also info on Reiki in the Swedish page ) or

Distance Reiki Healing through connection through Skype or Phone,

All over the world

60 min Session 1100 sek

30 min 800 sek

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Reiki is "spiritually guided life force energy."

”Reikihealing is a healingform that creates a natural flow in the system. It is Physical connected to Spiritual - towords One – we need both to be able to heal in a holistic way. Reiki is Five dimensional: includes all and is Whole.

The Intellegence of Reiki: Reiki is used with sacred keys/symbols that each has their own unique vibration.  The symbols are like a Sacred "mantra", creating a direct contact with that which the Reiki practitioners address to. They are 5, or more, in dimensions.

Reiki works with a pure intention.  It increases lifeforce in the system and is opening you up to a wider perspective of reality - Awakening. Working through the system to create balance on all levels. Dissolving EGO/Fear.
Reiki respects every part of US.

Reiki is a very good tool together with the Journey towards Awakening, deepening of consciousness, for healing and integration.


Aschima sends healing for your intention to manifest - For 60 Min. The healing can be sent without you having a certain time where you lie down receiving the Healing. Alltough you may lie down together to meet eachother on a deeper heart level

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Testimonial / Grateful Clients words on Distant Healing

"With love and the deepest gratitude for having the gift of Aschima's reiki and guidance in my life -

"I have been a client of Aschimas for many years and have received Distance Reiki Healing on countless occasions.
I can warmly recommend receiving her Distance Healing, as it is not only practical and accessible, but more importantly highly effective. You can still feel the reiki filling and pulling on your body during a session.

Even if you receive Reiki without setting a time you will still experience the shifts and healing taking place on a more subtle level. In my experience the reiki received on distance has the capacity to reach other levels of your being as it is not so specifically directed to your body."

Lovisa June 2020