Chakra Balancing with Aschima

Vital Magic: 60-7o min Healing Session on massage bench or Distance Healing :
Prepared with crystals and calm energies.

Aschima clears all chakras and lift the energies, to be balanced and filled with light and your sense will be hightened after the session and any negativity cleared for new energy to come. You`ll receive a grounded sense of being and a lighter energy.

Tibetan healing bowl and reiki is received to enhance all chakras and seal your aura/ Welcome

Cost: 1400 sek

Chakra 1 - 7 exists within the body and their energy is felt around your aura. They can all receive impure energies that makes them run slower or stops running smoothly. Every chakra makes a unique sound.
When you enhance in your Spirit - the chakras gets higher attuned to that level

 Clients words about Aschimas Chakra Healing:

"Chakra balanseringen är verkligen magisk,
Det renar och healar så mycket och mina chakran kommer i mer balans. Det känns som att jag blir healad inuti mig själv (chakrana). Känner mig mer jordad, ökat kreativ flöde, ökad medialitet och en kärleksfull, mjuk, lugn och kreativ energi i mig efter denna djupa healingen. Tack, jag älskar den!"/ Rima 2016

"The Chakra balancing is really magical,
It purifies and heals so much and my chakras comes in more balance. It feels like I get healad inside myself (chakras). I feel more grounded, increased creative flow, increase in the medial channel, and a loving, gentle, calm and creative energy in me after this deep healing. Thanks, I love it. Rima" 2016


Aura cleansing and reiki shielding:

Receive Reiki Healing and Cleansing of the aura - of any negativity, energy thiefs and receive Aschimas protection over your aura:

On Distance or in Person ( Stockholm ) 

Cost: 1400 sek

Warmly Welcome


book through mail: