Connecting the Chakras

New Healing Session - Receive connection in your chakras - For self love and flow.

Description: Each Chakra receives an initiation and light to increase self-love and energy flow in your chakras and that the chakras should feel connected within you
-. The healing affects your overall sense of flow and self-love. And the chakras will help each other keep the flow and the intention-
You will receive a prayer of self love with the healing.

Investment: 1400 sek

Can be combined with Awake guidance 15 or 30 min
( Total price with 15 min guidance 1800 sek)
30 min / 2000 sek )

Warmly welcome to book to

DISTANCE HEALING SESSIONS works as well as the one in person on Reiki bench
- Find a beautiful space where you can relax and turn off your cellphone, light insence and a candle. Then Ashimas healing will touch you as deep as in person. You can receive healing while you sleep and several days after a healing session you will continue to receive waves of healing and openings. With every session - Drink more water , cause you open up to new energy and cleanse from old stuck energies. The water you drink,  helps the system to Flow. Water gives your Emotions FLOW and Spirit can touch you.

LOVE/ Aschima