Intentional Transformation with Aschima - Reiki Healing and 14 days Diary

" Souls going through awakening - Having a High soul on earth - Wanting to come into inner peace - meet a Soul love and Create from your Soul /
From experience I - Aschima knows it is not always easy to hold up faith and higher vibration - Therefor with deep love - The intentional Diary session program is created"

NEW Intentional session with Aschima  in combination with Reiki Healing
– With Intention Diary created by Aschima so you hold higher vibration to manifest a goal for your Souljourney.  


1 session where we meet on Skype – To set your intention –

f.e Give self love , feel good about my body, leave a bad habit and create a new one , Practice Reiki , Become a better marketer of your creative work , Meditate and still the mind, Do Yoga and feel the body come into new vbration, Do creativ work  

After you know your Intention, Aschima will see what blocks energy to come to you and give Reiki healing and Chakra healing to support your intention to grow into the manifested realms.  
Then you will Receive a Pdf with a Diary …  for 14 days that you fill in everyday - This keeps the flame of your intention and vibration
After one week we will have one Check up session, enhance the intention and you´ll receive a Reiki healing & chakra balancing again.  
Then you Continue with the intentional Diary and Moving Forward – Inward and Outward.  
The intentional Diary and the Reiki and Aschimas support will give you an increased energy to work with progress every day .  
Warmly Welcome to Book to 

Investment program 4500 sek   ( when booked before 30/6 ) After cost 5000 sek